A very important and funny class trip to the Schwäbische Alb (6c)

30. November 2020

On Tuesday morning, our class went for a trip on the Schwäbische Alb. All were very excited. We drove in cars with several students. We met at the youth hostel at 9 o’clock. Two instructors and our teachers waited there.

Then the instructors explained what we would do during the day. We spoke about teamwork and the hut. It was very interesting and important because we didn’t want to find the false hut. One of the instructors wrote a number on our hands. All children with the same number formed a team. So we mixed the teams fairly, but some of the students weren’t happy because there wasn’t a friend in their group. After they had calmed down, the instructor showed how to use the compass and the map, it wasn’t very easy. Before we started, some of us borrowed hiking shoes from there. Finally we all got going.

In our mixed group of seven, we searched the hut with our map and compass. Our group went across a street. That was dangerous! For a long time, we walked in the forest on a narrow path. We saw many trees and it was very muddy. Our group followed the yellow triangle. After 20 minutes, we saw the hut and we were very happy. Every one of my group ran to the hut. We were happy because no one was there so our group was the first group. When the other groups and the instructors came, we ate our meal. Then two groups went into the forest and searched dry branches, the other two groups went to the climbing parkour. After ten minutes, they came back and made fire. It was very difficult! Other people hacked the wood with an axe. After many attempts, we had a fire and we were proud.

Next, we went to the climbing park on a narrow path. In the climbing parkour, the instructor told us what to do. He said, “It’s a teamwork activity. So you must work in a team or you can’t climb on the parkour because it’s a very hard one.” One person from each team had to blind their eyes. And all teams weren’t allowed to touch the ground. After this difficult task, we had a barbeque. We had sausages, steaks, and vegetables. It was a very diverse meal. All food was yummy. And we had a lot of fun with our friends.

In the end, we had to find a team slogan and had to take a freeze-frame photo. The slogan of group 4 was Zusammenhalten muss sein, sonst bist du ein Warzenschwein, the slogan of group 3 Wer glaubt er sei nicht gut genug der braucht Vertrauen und Mut and group 2 had the slogan 1,2,3 wir sind dabei. It was so crazy! The photo of group 1 was really amazing because they stood criss-crossed.

After that, we all together went the long way back to the car park. It was boring! There, we had to wait for our parents because they weren’t there yet. The instructors and our teachers went home but we had to wait. That was bad too. But they arrived pretty soon and then we went home to Reutlingen by car. The day was very nice and really interesting!


Fiona, Jana, Lea and Nora, 6c

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